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Carol Buxton is not selling property, she's connecting people with properties they'll love for life.


Carol Buxton Real Estate is a real estate brokerage firm that specializes in listing and selling properties on the Boothbay peninsula. The firm is run by Carol Buxton, a real estate broker who has had an interest in real estate since her childhood. She opened her office in 1981 at her home and has been operating from there since. 

Carol Buxton’s Background

Carol grew up in an area that featured an eclectic variety of architectural styles. This led to the development of her interest in the variety as well as in real estate. When she got married, she moved a total of fourteen times in 20 years. She has lived in several European countries including Germany and Norway. Together with her husband and two children, Carol has also lived in many places in the US. This has exposed her not only to more architectural styles but also a variety of real estate markets. Such exposure has given her extensive experience in real estate matters.

What She Does For You

Carol Buxton Real Estate focuses on properties within the Boothbay Harbor peninsula. Carol sells buildings and locations that have great impact on the lives of her clients. The real estate firm helps those who are looking to purchase or sell houses in the peninsula. Carol has over 30 years’ experience in the industry, giving her in-depth knowledge of luxury real estate. She helps her customers when they enter new communities and will guide families in the process of settling down.

By visiting the website pages, prospective buyers can view listings of houses for sale. Those keen on selling properties can request to have their property for sale listed on the pages. You will get access to a list of luxury homes, property that is ready to sell as well as the properties that have recently been sold.

When you work with Carol Buxton Real Estate, you will develop a strong relationship with Carol. She constantly stays in touch with clients and makes it possible for them to contact her whenever they need her.


Carol Buxton Real Estate is a reliable and professional real estate brokerage firm. Testimonials from previous clients are a clear testimony of this fact.

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The Carol Buxton Experience

When it comes to buying a property in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, no-one comes close to the Carol Buxton Real Estate experience. Carol is not interested in simply selling a property. The Carol Buxton experience is about getting to know the client and then applying Carol's 30+ years of experience and knowledge of the community, the culture, and the geography, to find the perfect fit. When you work with Carol you become family. A friend for life. Because moving to Boothbay isn't just buying a home, it's choosing a lifestyle.

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Boothbay Harbor Living

 The communities of Boothbay Harbor have been a travel destination for over a 100 years and a desirable place to live for even longer. With beautiful grand views at every turn. Unique shops, restaurants, yacht clubs, tennis courts, sailing lessons abound in this close community.